The terrific letter Tt


Tt is for Turkey so Tuesday was Turkey day!
We used Turkey clip cards to figure out what letters made what sound. The Turkey was holding an Hh and had a picture of a hat, jacket, and elf. They had to figure out what picture was right. I will say, I was very impressed with how well they did. The class practiced their letter Tt writing and completed their Tt cut and paste page. For some math work we used dice and feathers to disguise our Turkey. If they rolled the number 6 they counted out 6 feathers to give to the Turkey.
Wednesday was Tt for transportation. We talked about all different types of transportation and what that word meant. They practiced cutting and used playdoh to work those fine motor skills. Wednesdays are specials day! We played a letter game using sign language.

Thursday was all about being thankful. Not only did we all talk about things we were thankful for, the kids created a bracelet with special colors to symbolize specific items they’re most thankful for.  As a creating writing center they wrote down one specific thing they were thankful and we built a tree of thanks! It’s in the big room for all to see. This is a very sweet bunch and A LOT of them were so thankful for their moms and dads.