It was a short but fun week.

On Monday,  the children enjoyed the Thanksgiving Party.  Thanks to all the parents who helped.  We ended the day with games of BINGO and free play.

On Tuesday, the children painted, practiced writing their letter T’s and practiced writing their names.  At this point all the children recognize not only their names but their classmates names as well.  They should all be able to write their first name.  If your child can not do this please work on it at home.  Use a Capital for the first letter and a lower class for the rest of the name.

When we get back from Thanksgiving we will start the Christmas activities with a unit on tress.  What happens to trees in the winter and who decorated the first Christmas tree?

Have a great Thanksgiving.  My husband and I are excited to have all three of our sons and  two daughter-in-laws this holiday as well as our grandson who just started eating baby food!  I have been warned not to give him any whipped cream this year.


-Mrs. Elaine