Hello! We had a fun week! We focused on the number 3 and the color brown.

On Monday/Tuesday we practiced writing our names and we read The Gummy Bear Counting Book.

In our centers we did a number 3 worksheet with stickers, traced a rectangle for review, found our letters in bowls of rice, using a muffin tin separated counting chips in groups of 3, made patterns with different size/color bears.

On Wed/Thursday we all dressed in brown! We read Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see? We painted with cups to make a Christmas Craft.

In our centers we played with linking chains, colored a brown worksheet, finished up a Christmas craft, sorted colors with magnets, put together a felt board story telling Brown Bear Brown Bear.

We have reached December! So much going on this month! Please check the calendar daily to keep up to date! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina