This week was our transition week from the Thanksgiving season to the Christmas season – or from Fall to Winter.  We used the change in holidays and temperature to talk about fall trees at the beginning of the week and evergreen/Christmas trees at the end of the week.


This week we had three main academic focuses:

Name writing – Not only did the children sign in everyday but they used their name to decorate a stocking and a Christmas tree (both hanging in the hall).  They arote their name in a red green pattern and on a drawing of theri Christmas tree.  Please continue to encourage name writing at home.  Capital letter followed by lower case.  From now on the children will be expected to write their name on anything they crate in school.

Patterns – The children brought home a red and green ring chain today.  They can tear off one ring each day from Friday until Christmas.  We will be doing the same thing in circle with my ring chain and counting down the days until Christmas.  They also wrote thrie name in a red and green patten.

Counting and number recognition – Most of the children recognize numbers 1 to 10.  We are staring to work on 11 to 20 – both counting and recognizing.

By the end of December the children should be able to clearly write their first name, recognize most of their letters and numbers 1 to 20.  If your child still struggles with these concepts please think about putting flash cards under the tree.


Looking ahead:

Next week we are focusing on gifts and taking care of animals in the winter.  I will be taking pictures of the children Wednesday for a Christmas surprise.  We will be making bagel bird feeders on Thursday.  This craft is not on the calendar.  We will be using bagels, crisco and birdseed.  

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Elaine