Zz is for zoo! We jumped right into Zz week with all zoo centers. For math they used monkeys and bananas for number recognition and number sense. Number sense is essentially just showing them numbers can look a bunch of different ways . They got to do a writing center where they chose what animal they would be in the zoo and they had to work in a group to match animals pictures to their shadows. The class is always very eager to help and learn so sometimes we need a little practice with teamwork

Wednesday was for zigzags and zippers. The kids cut a zig zag cutting page and they did a fabulous job! Theyre getting so good at cutting on the lines. We finished the Zz cut and paste page where we talked about as many words as we could think of that started with Zz. It’s a hard one so it’s funny to hear what they think. We also used our dry erase quick kits to practice writing the letter Zz. We are done with specials for the 2023 year now! We’ll pick them up again after the new year. We have so many Christmas projects to get done !