The nifty letter Nn

Noodle necklace day! We started off our letter Nn week making noodle necklaces . The class did such a good job stringing the noodles on the ribbon, I was very impressed! We also talked about some other words starting with Nn like nest . The kids matched the  lowercase birds to their uppercase letter nests and completed the letter Nn cut and paste page.  We also used our dry erase quick kits to practice writing the letter Nn. Tuesday afternoon we packed and prayed over our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. As a class we talked about how you all were so generous to buy these gifts for kids across the world, and how blessed we are to be able to do so.

Wednesday was all about numbers! We are still working on the number writing, so we used some paint and q-tips to help with number formation . I also used scratch off stickers to create “secret numbers”.  The class used quarters to scratch off the stickers to reveal a secret number underneath. Then they had to tell me what number they found! As usual we also had specials this afternoon. I teach sign language and all of the classes are doing an amazing job! As them to show you what letters and colors they know!
Thursday Nn was for names. Boy did we have fun with names. We worked on not just writing them but making sure we know what the actual letters in their names are. I used stickers with the letters of their names mixed up, and they put them in order on another piece of paper. They also had a center where I had their name written out but it was missing letters and they had to figure out what letters were missing . To top off the day I threw in some sensory play with a plate of shaving cream! They practiced writing their names, numbers, and shapes in the shaving cream . They could choose to use their finger or a paint brush.

Now we’re on to letter Tt . Just some quick reminders:

Tuesday the 14th is our ChikFilA fundraiser !! I LOVE their chicken so hopefully I’ll see you there!

Thursday the 16th is wear brown to school day!
I’ll also be sending out some info on our Thanksgiving party so be sure to keep an eye on GroupMe.