This week we learned all about the letter Zz.

Tuesday was fun at the ABC zoo! The kids had a great day with Mrs Christy since I was home with a sick kiddo. They did a zoo creative writing where they got to pick what animal they’d want to be in the zoo, a lion zoo art project, some letter Zz writing and they had to work as a team to match up zoo animals and their shadows. They also got to feed monkeys numbers in all different forms, tally marks, tens frames, etc.

Wednesday was Zz for zig zag and zipper. We did a letter Zz cut and paste helping to learn what sound the letter Zz makes, did some zig zag cutting and practiced zipping coats . This was also specials and the kids did a great job in the classroom with the other teachers ! I teach sign language for specials and if your curious, ask child to show you what they know! We’ve gone over colors, letters, yes and no, please and thank you, and mom and dad.

Thursday was all about Zeke zebra! We cut out and put stripes on a letter Zz, had some practice writing our letters A- Z and also worked on some rhyming. The class is really starting to get the hang of rhyming and I’m loving it. In the afternoon as a class we had a zoo animal scavenger hunt. I placed pictures of animals all around the room and gave them hints on which animal they needed to find. They did a really great job of listening and following my clues.


Next week is the terrific letter Tt!