Rr is for ….

Robots and rectangles. Tuesday we had so much fun learning all about the letter Rr using robots and rectangles. We had rhyming robots that the kids had to match up, robot shape tracing, and they even got to make their own robots out of rectangles. Rectangle is probably the most missed shape on our evaluations so we focused a lot on that shape recognition. Of course we also learned how to write the upper and lower case Rr’s .

Rr is for rockets! For centers on Wednesday we made number rockets. The kids had squares with numbers 1-10 on them and they got to put them all in order. We also had rockets with upper and lowercase letters to match and completed a letter Rr cut and paste page. Wednesday was also specials so the kids got to learn more Spanish, sign language, math, and phonics.

Rainbow was our theme for Thursday. The kids laced rainbow cards with strong, a great way to strengthen those fine motor muscles, and make a rainbow pattern with beads. We also had made name rainbows. Each got some extra name writing practice for ever color of the rainbow. Towards the end of the day we did a group color by number! The class did really well with this and we will definitely do more in the future .

All in all it was a great week and next up is letter Oo!
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