Learning about the letter Oo.

Tuesday was Oo for opposites! Opposites are not only a difficult thing to understand but a hard thing to teach! However, I must say the kids picked up on the concept fairly quick. We went over some opposite flash cards and did an opposite colors page later in the  afternoon. We also practiced writing our letter O’s but that’s one of the easier ones. Tuesday is art day, so we created Owl puppets!

Wednesday we learned about the letter Oo using owls and octagons. The class used owl tens frames to work on math, owls in a tree to help with upper and lowe case letter recognition, and we had clip cards where they had to inspect the owls to see which one of the four was different . After specials we also did a fall color by number. We do these pretty often so keep an eye out for that progress !

Thirsday Mrs Christy taught the class while I was out of town. She said the class had a great day! The theme for Thursday was observing the outdoors. They talked a lot about fall and had a fall show and share at the end of the day. For centers they did some shape recognition and sorting along with our first positional paper. This is where we read off the directions, for instance, put the sun on top of the cloud, and they have to do as the directions say. It’s more of a tool for me to see where they stand with understanding positional words.


Next week, our harvest party and the letter Pp