The phenomenal letter Pp


Pretend pizza party! The kids loved this. We got to use “recipe cards” to figure out how many of each topping was needed for their pizza. We cut up a pizza and used numbers to put it all back together, and had an alphabet pizza! In the afternoon we did a group pizza color by number .

Wednesday was pumpkin and party day. Centers on Wednesday were, pumpkin painting, letter Pp writing, roll and build candy corn, and letter formation pumpkins where they made letters out of playdoh! Of course the afternoon was our party!! I hope everyone had a great time, I know I did! Thank you all for the donations and volunteers.

Thursday we had pjs and popcorn day. We pulled popcorn letters and wrote them down on paper, practiced our number writing, and attempted to make water color name pumpkins. In the afternoon our class and the other all day classes got together and watched Spookly the Square Pumpkin while munching on pretzels and popcorn.

Next week we are learning about the letter Nn