Happy fall everyone! We welcomed October with the letter Ff.

Tuesday was Ff is for frog day. I have so many fun frog activities and I couldn’t wait to share them. To continue our work with letter recognition, we used jumping frogs . The kids pushed them down and watched them jump. Then they had to tell me what letter their frog landed on. We also matched up lily pads and frogs using numbers 1-20 and practiced writing the letter Ff. This can be a tricky one so I wanted to get in some extra practice. In the afternoon we did a frog directed drawing . I drew a frog step by step and they had to follow along with what I drew. The way these turn out always surprise me! It’s an amazing listening exercise .

Wednesday and Thursday were fun on the ABC farm and fun is what we had! Wednesday we used farm items to help us with patterns, rolled dice to find numbers on a cob of corn, and completed our monthly name writing and coloring sheet. The class got to draw themselves at the pumpkin patch. Wednesday was also their first specials rotation. This is something fun the all day classes get to do. For and hour, every 15mins they change classrooms. We teach them, extra math skills, extra phonics skills, Spanish, and sign language! I was told by the other all day teachers that our class was very well behaved !!
Thursday was some more farm fun. We matched upper and lowercase yea or wheels and made fence patterns from popsicle sticks. Since the class was doing so well,  they got to  play with farm animals and kinetic sand. Little do they know kinetic sand works those fine motor muscles !! We always took a little time to practice our name writing. I’m so proud of them and the progress they’ve made with their names! For the last fun farm activity we did a write the room. I got the kids out of the classroom and took them into the church foyer. I hung up farm animal pictures and they got to walk around and write the animal word! This is the second one of these we’ve done and they learn fast!!

October letters- F,R,O,P

October numbers – 4,5,6 ,7

October color- orange

October shape  – rectangle


Have a wonderful weekend !!