We had an extra week in November before we started our monthly letters. So we took this opportunity to focus on some other special prek things like shapes and colors!

Tuesday we had a pretend pizza party! Our centers really focused on numbers and letters. We used pizza “recipe cards” and each card had a specific number of toppings the kids had to place on top of their pizza. We also used pizza toppings to match uppercase letters. For some fine motor and more math, the class finished a pizza cut and paste counting worksheet. I try to do a worksheet a couple times a week so I can send them home for you all to see their progress as the year continues on.
Wednesday we focused on shapes. I will say the class is pretty good with their shape recognition, even the hard ones ! We used different shapes to create shape name trains, did a shape scavenger hunt, and created shapes out of playdoh. They really impressed me with the shape puzzles. They had to find all the photos with the same shape, then arrange them in a way to create that shape. I thought it was going to be more difficult but my class of smarties did wonderful!! Wednesday we also started specials back up. They were excited to get to see the other teachers!
Thursday was all about colors. We not only focused on color recognition but also using letter sounds to identify the colors in word form. I think their favorite center was when we used paint to create colors. Some of the kids knew that blue and yellow make green but we’re surprised at our other combinations! These papers will come home Tuesday. We took small dots of primary colors then mixed them together to make secondary colors. Before they got to mix I asked them what color they thought they would end up with. They also matched up colors to their word form . They were so good about sounding them out or using the color poster I have on the wall I help them make the correct matches !
All in all we had a great week and we can’t wait for Tuesday.

Our letter for next week is Nn