The fabulous letter Ff

Tuesday we had fun with frogs. I had the kids roll a dice and feed that many “bugs” to our hungry frogs. We also had the kids race to find upper case letters to feed to our frog. Tuesday we also did our first directed drawing. I do 4-6 of these through out the year. Basically, I draw something step by step and the class follows and draws the same thing on their papers. This week was a frog. This is another great tool for following directions and active listening.

Wednesday and Thursday was Ff for farm! We had tractors with upper and lowercase wheel matching, counting corn kernels, popsicle stick fence patterns, and so much more. We did a farm art project this week also. We created chickens and baby chicks using their hand and finger prints. To go along with our farm theme we did a farm following directions activity. The class had to listen to me read a story and that story told them what to color and what color to color it. We do this at the beginning and end of the year to show how much progress has been made.

We had another great week and I can’t wait for next week! We’re learning about the letter Rr.

October letter focus – Ff, Rr, Oo, & Pp

October number focus- 4,5,6

October shape focus-  Square

October color focus- Orange