Hello! We had a great week and the kids are getting accustomed to our routines very well! I’m so impressed!

On Monday/Tuesday we got to know our peers and teacher by sharing our All About Me pages and different activities. We read I Can Help, and we made a shape person.

In our centers we Traced our first name, Found our name 4 times mixed in with other names, made a self portrait by looking in a mirror, measured legs, feet, fingers etc with unifix cubes, and put together body part cards in order from top to bottom.

On Wed/Thursday we worked on A is for Apples. We read Underneath the Apple Tree, and made a apple basket craft with our name on it.

In our centers we colored our A ABC page, used an Apple Card on the Fanta board, traced lines in a quick kit, transferred apple erasers using tweezers, scooped apples out of a sensory bin into a basket.

The kids all did so good this week! Looking forward to next week! Have a great weekend!