It’s Apple week ! Apple week is one of my favorites all year. We have so many fun activities using apples.


Tuesday we started off with some apple name trees. The class got to find the letters in their names and place them on their apple trees. We used some push pins and carpet squares to work those fine motor muscles and created an apple sun catcher! Hang these on a window at home and watch the sun shine through. For math we used laminated apple seeds to match them to the apple core with the same numbers. We are introducing number sense to each apple core had a tally mark seed, a tens frame seed, counting fingers seed, and a seed with cubes on it. We will be using lots number sense manipulatives through out the year.

Wednesday we read the book Ten Apples Up On Top. For math we used marker dotters to count how many apples each animal has on top of their head. We also had apple picture puzzles where the pieces were numbered 0-10 and the kids had to put them in the correct order to create their picture. We also practiced some cutting today. In the afternoon we did our first large group activity. Each student got a shape page with a colored key on top. They had to find all of the shapes and color them the coordinating color. We do a lot of color by numbers, or letters or shapes during the school year and its always so cool to see how fast they pick up this process.

Thursday was a big day! It’s apple tasting day! But, first, centers… today we used apples to match up our upper and lower case letters. We also talked about sequencing today. The class cut out four stages of eating an apple and had to glue them on in the right order. Thursday’s math center with a little fine motor mixed in was using tweezers to put red, green and yellow pom poms in a muffin tin also counting out how many they need. So then of course this afternoon we had our apple tasting. Each student got a piece of a red, green, and yellow apple. Then we talked about how they taste. Sweet, sour, etc. Once we went back into the class room they got to vote on which one was their favorite and which one overall was liked the best.


Next week is our letter Aa week and I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend!


September letters- A & M

September numbers- 0,1,2,3

September shape- oval, circle

September color- red