A is for …

Astronauts! Tuesday the kids became ABC astronauts. They used moon rocks to show numbers in tens frames, wrote rocket letters and created an art project with them as astronauts. We used dry erase quick kits to practice writing our letter Aa and talked about all the words that start with Aa and the sound it makes. As I mentioned before we will also do a few color by numbers  this year and today was an outer space one! Not only does this help with color recognition but also this particular page had numbers 1- 8 .

Wednesday was all about Ally Alligator. The kids worked on letter recognition by me calling out a letter and who ever found it first got to feed it to the alligator. We also did our first letter Aa cut and paste . We do this page for every letter and you’ll get the entire compilation at the end of the year 🙂 We made our very own ally alligator out of the letter Aa and used some lacing cards to work those fine motor muscles .

Thursday we had ants in our pants ???? For math, they had to roll a dice and add that many ants to the pants on their paper. We also used ant farm mazes to match up upper and lowercase letters! Each kid also brought home a letter Aa book. Feel free to ask them what’s words start with the letter Aa and what sound it makes ! Thursday we also had our first chapel. We go to chapel monthly and learn about a different bible story every month. Our first was all about creation, and how God made everything in 7 days. The class did such a good job listening and participating in chapel.

Next week we are so excited to learn about the letter Mm and go on our first field trip!!

September letters- A&M

September numbers- 0,1,2,3

September color- Red

september shape- oval & circle