What a wonderful first week we had! This week was all about the students. Not only learning about them, and their families but also them learning about me. It’s also important for them to know what is expected of them. We went over some classroom and school rules and discussed a lot about how our days together will go. In my classroom, above all else we try our best to be respectful and kind. We take turns, we help each other, and we listen when others are talking.

Tuesday we tried to get as much fun in as possible. For centers we talked about first day jitters and how everyone was feeling coming to their first day of All Day Prek. I have to say, I was very impressed with my class!! If they were nervous or scared they did a great job of working through it. We also drew some self portraits. The kids had mirrors and got to draw how they thought they looked in it. They also got to be creative and work fine motor hand muscles with playdoh. They decorated a cake, a face, a flower pot, and a dinner plate with their playdoh. To introduce all of our name activities they each got to color and decorate the first letter of their name. We will turn this into an art project next week.

Wednesday was another great day . I could tell some of the kids were feeling more comfortable and it made my heart so happy. We continued the all about me theme and discussed our senses. We talked about what each sense was and how the body uses them. Then they got to sort pictures into groups by which sense each picture went with.  Wednesday they also worked on tracing their names and cutting out ovals. I like to do this so I can gauge where they are with fine motor skills.

Thursday you could tell the kids were getting tired! It’s a big adjustment but they handled it well. We kept on theme and talked a lot about our emotions! We matched snails and bees by looking at their faces and matching the emotions. We talked about what each emotion was and even about things that can make us feel that way. I think it’s important for them to know that all of their emotions are okay and that I will help them work through them to the best of my ability. Another center was their first monthly coloring page! Every month we will have a page where they write their name and either color or draw a picture. It’s amazing to watch the progress throughout the year.


September letters- A & M

September  number- 0,1,2

September color- Red

September shape- circle


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