This week was a whole week of Pete the Cat! We read so many books and enjoyed all the fun themes.

Tuesday we read about Petes cool school shoes. With this we did our very first creative writing . The kids got to write out and color a page about the shoes they wore to school that day. We also got to roll dice to learn how to graph. We had 6 colored shoes on the dice and as they rolled each color had to fill in the graph to see how many times they rolled each color. I must say, they did very well with graphing for the first time!!
Wednesday we read Pete’s Construction Destruction. To help tie in this theme I created a construction zone sensory bin. They had kinetic sand with construction trucks, glass beads, popsicle sticks and Pompoms to build with. I love a free play center, these help with imagination, group play and even fine motor. In the afternoon we read a book about Pete losing buttons. I found a game where each kid started out with 10 buttons and took turns spinning the spinner. Some of the spinner options were, lose a button, get 3 buttons, get 2 buttons, lose all you buttons, and the favorite, steal a button from a friend. They really enjoyed this and we’re really good at taking turns.
Thursday  is our art day. So of course we had to create our own Pete the Cat. The kids got all the pieces they needed and got to glue them on the way they saw fit. Their imaginations got to shine with this . During centers we also use some large buttons and string to help with patterns and fine motor. For math, we used tens frames for the first time. They had to pick a number out of a bucket and fill in the appropriate amount of squares on their tens frames with buttons. They did really well with this also!!

Next week we are diving into our first letter week. We will learn all about the letter Aa using apples, and astronauts. I can’t wait !!
See  you Tuesday