We had an awesome week learning about the awesome letter Aa!

Tuesday we were ABC astronauts . We used glow in the dark moon rocks to fill in tens frames and made an astronaut art project. We also did a letter Aa cut and paste paper. We will do these for every letter of the alphabet and you will get them at the end of the year. They practice writing the letters and then cut out and glue on the pictures that start with that letter. The progress we see doing these throughout the year is amazing. The kids also enjoyed our book about Peppa Pig to the space museum.
Wednesday and Thursday were Aa for apples!! We had so much fun learning about apples. We created an apple sun catcher, matched lower case apples to their uppercase counter parts, did some apple sequencing, and even touched on patterns using colorful apples. For art time on Thursday the class got to paint with apples, and before we left they got to do an apple tasting!!  We had multiple fine motor centers also. Including; hole punching apples, apple cutting, and writing our upper and lowercase Aa’s.
We even learned all about the growing cycle of apples thanks to a visual board made by Ximena’s grandma. Visual aides are always beneficial to learning at this age.

Next week, is Mm week! I am looking forward to seeing the class then!