Mm is for

Muffins! Tuesday was all about muffins . We read the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin and had so much fun using that for our centers. The kids got to use their imagination and pick what they would feed a moose for our creative writing page. We used muffins with letters on them to help with letter with letter recognition and we even used muffins for math! They added “blueberries” to muffin tins while counting how many they used . Right after we read the book together, the class then got to put pictures into the order they were introduced in the book. These sequencing activities really help show how much they comprehend what I read !

Mustache day! Another one of my favorites ! We used mustaches to help with our cutting skills and color recognition. The class also used blocks to measure different sizes mustaches . They also completed their letter Mm cut and paste where we reiterate the letter Mm sound and what things start with that letter. My favorite mustache activity was playing pin the mustache on the teacher!! I had an 8×10 photo of me on the wall and I spun the kids around 3 times and let them at it! Having fun with the class is just as important as the academics.

Thursday was our field trip and I had such a great time! Getting to spend time outside of school together is always nice. I hope everyone that went had so much fun and I can’t wait for the kids to tell me all about it !!

have a great weekend !