The marvelous letter Mm!

Tuesday was Mm for muffin. These centers were mostly based off the book, If you give a moose a muffin. We used muffins with pictures on them to practice rhyming, muffin tins to practice one to one counting, and we fed Mr Moose muffins with letters on them. I set out all the letters of the alphabet and they had to find the letter I called out. The first person to find it fed the muffin to our moose. At the end of they day we also got to eat some muffins together.

Wednesday was Mm for mustache. For centers we used unifix cubes to measure mustaches, cut out a letter Mm and glued on their colored mustaches, and used our letter Mm cut and paste page to drive home the letter Mm sounds. I posted some photos on GroupMe of our end of day activity. Each kid took a turn to pin a mustache on a picture of me! I spun them around 3 times and had their eyes closed. The one who got it closest to the correct spot on my face got a sucker!!
Thursday we were still focusing on the letter Mm. We played a mustache spinner game which helped identify colors and using our letter sounds to color in the right colored mustache. This was also our wear red to celebrate our monthly color! Of course we also practiced writing the upper and lower case Mm along with some name writing practice. Thursday was also our first chapel. Each month we will have chapel where they get to learn a new bible story. This week they learned about creation and all the things God created in the first 7 days.

Next week is all about letter Ff.