Hello! Welcome to the first web entry of the year! This serves at a quick glance into our days at school and gives a little more detail than the monthly calendar!
We had a great first week! It appeared the kids were having fun and already making friends with the kids in their classes!
On Tuesday/Wednesday we played it easy and worked on routines and structure of the class.
We painted our hands for a first day project, and read the book David Goes to School.
Our center time consists of 5 stations where we rotate around the room in 4 minute segments. Not only do we learn at the stations but we are also learning how to clean up our station, tuck in our chair, follow directions, and working with a partner.
Our centers for Tue/Wed were puzzles, writing boards, magnatiles, shape puzzle blocks, and lacing shape blocks.

On Thursday and Friday we focused on the shapes oval and Circle. We talked about different things that take on these shapes and where we could find them.
For art we sorted ovals and circles and glued them on paper. We read Pete the Cat Rockin in my School Shoes.

For our centers we used dot markers to fill an oval, made ovals and circles out of playdoh, filled a circle with buttons, used round counting chips to count numbers, drew circles and ovals on the white board.

At the end of our day we end with name recognition, devotion, and prayer.
For the first week we did 2 days of Treasure Box for being on the Green light. Next week we will transition to stickers on Mon/Tues and Treasure Box on Wed/Thursday. The kids are doing great and really seem to grasp the red light/green light behavior system.
Next week we are back on a regular schedule with school Mon- Thursday! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Mrs. Kristina