I was a great first week.  All the children had fun doing art and playing with the red playdough!   We are all adjusting to the new routine and getting to know each other. Each day when they enter the classroom they need to find their name card a put it in the attendance bucket.  They  also sign in to get practice writing their name.

On Tuesday, the children were read the story Pete the Cat:  Rocking in My School Shoes  They created a Pete the Cat from their hand print and were introduced to their classroom jobs.  They will get a new job each week.

On Wednesday, the children were read the story Pete the Cat:  I Love My White Shoes.  They decorated a white shoe with crayons, paint and glitter.  I will be displaying them in the hall.

On Thursday, the children made red bead bracelets.  They will be doing a different beading project each month.  The designs and projects will become more complicated as the year progresses.

We will end the week with self portrait.  I will save these for their portfolios.  They will do a similar project at the end of the year.  It will be fun to compare the two pictures! They will be sharing the “All About Me” pages they made at home in circle.


Looking Ahead

Next week the children will be introduces to the letter A and number 1.  There will be an apple tasting center and on WednesdayThey should bring in a stuffed animal on Tuesday for animal day.


Thanks for sending in notes with concerns/questions.  Please continue to send in notes until the Group Me App is activated.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs. Elaine