Hello! We had a fun week! We worked on letter B and Celebrated Earth Day!

On Monday/Tuesday we worked on the Letter B.

We watched our caterpillars, and made some crafts for Mom and Dad.

In our centers we colored our B ABC page, put buttons on the letter B, colored a coffee filter to make a butterfly, and used Fanta boards to make a butterfly.
The kids have enjoyed watching our caterpillars. They have climbed to the top of the cup and formed the letter J, so the next step is the chrysalis! The kids are so excited to see Butterflies!

On Wed/Thursday we celebrated Earth Day. We watching a video about garbage and recycling. We saw what the earth would look like if we didn’t recycle, and then we kicked (for letter K) the recycling and put it back in bags and made the Grounds beautiful again.
We hope the kids had fun and came home telling you all about it!

We are excited to see all of you next week at King and Queen Days! I remember coming to these events with my boys as preschoolers! So sweet!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina