Crazy how the month of April is about over, and we finished covering all our letters and numbers! AHHHH, that means we are almost done with the school year! Graduation is near and we will be starting to review all the skills we have learned throughout the year and doing our end of the year evaluations.

We covered our last letter Qq this week and had a fun day on Monday with their performance for all of you!

Monday: King & Queen Day – Students enjoyed performing for you all on Monday and it helps them get comfortable for their last performance, which will be our graduation! We hope you enjoyed the little crafts and papers they made for you!

Tuesday: Q-tip painting – Students started the day creating their last Zoophonics animal which is Queenie the Quail. They cut and pasted the parts by following my example on the board. Our q-tip painting was of a pencil that the students shared paints with their partner(s). They had to stay at school for a day to dry and went home on Wednesday. Once we finished our pencil paintings, we created our zoophonics folder that we will be using to house all the zoophonics animals they have made throughout the school year.

Wednesday: Crafty Quilters – The students came in and practiced their names in their QKs. This was extra practice for our quilts we made later in the day. We made name quilts, which turned out great. These will be going home later, as I am saving them for graduation material. The book read today was Little Raindrop.

Thursday: Quacking into May – The class started the day by finding their pouch and completing the pattern quilt page. They needed to color/cut/paste the pieces to complete the quilt. We also completed a letter Qq Queen page, locating the letter as well as practicing writing the letter Qq. Lastly, each student got a Dr. Seuss character to color that I plan to use for something at graduation. We had some extra time at the end of the day today and got to have extra big room time.

We have lots to get through the next 3 weeks of school and some fun days thrown in there also. Be sure to check the calendar and I will send reminders out on GroupMe also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out either by email or message on GroupMe. Have a good weekend! I hope we get some better weather these last few weeks, so the kids get to get outside a few times! ????