Hello! We had a great week coming back from Spring Break!

On MondayTuesday we focused on the octagon. We read This Book Will Not Be Fun, and made a stop sign to play Red Light Green Light. The kids loved this game and the craft was so simple but they really had fun with it!

In our centers we made an octagon with playdoh, traced octagons, colored our Nursery rhyme-The Little Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, made shapes with rubber bands, and used peg boards to help count to 10!

Wed/Thurs were a little different due to our Easter Lesson  Schedule!
Wednesday classes focused on the letter K. We made a Kite and read Kite Day.

In our centers we colored our K ABC page, colored matched keys, played with kinetic sand, practiced writing our name, and practiced cutting.

Thursday kids learned all about Easter!

We read the Easter Story in a Childrens Bible and chalk colored a cross.

In our centers we matched numbered Easter eggs, colored an Easter picture, traced and colored Easter eggs, found letters in eggs and matched them, played barrel of bunnies hidden in Easter grass.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! We will see you next week!

Many Blessings!

Mrs. Kristina