We had a great week back from Spring Break! The letter Bb was our 23rd letter and we have almost covered the entire alphabet, which means the school year is closing in! The last few weeks we have will go by quickly!

Monday-Basketball Day: We started the day with a letter Ee review page from our letter prior to spring break. Our centers today included putting our basketball numbers in order from 1-24, practiced writing our Bb’s and some words that contain bs, completed matching uppercase (backboards) and lowercase (basketballs) letters, and lastly made our Bubba the Bear for zoophonics. The book we read today was Bunny Will Not Smile. Everyone also shared what they did over spring break and sounds like we had a variety of trips, activities and relaxation!

Tuesday-Bumble Bees: The start up today was a B is for Bumble Bee page. We got through a lot today in our centers! They included completing an eighteen number page, constructing our own bees, finishing our clouds that go along with our hot air balloons hanging in the hall, lastly, we finished a letter Bb sound page and colored the items that have the b beginning sound. The books read today were The Pigeon Needs a Bath and If You Give A Mouse A Brownie.

Wednesday-Baseball Day: The students came in today and practiced their names, addresses, and phone numbers in their QKs. We also had all the kids share with their classmates their Flat _______ and all about their adventures! We enjoyed the stories, pictures, names and activities that you all went on with their Flats. The activities we completed today were writing the room (there are letter b words posted around the class and students write them down), baseball ten frames, letter constructing with tiles, and making octagons on their geoboards. The books read were Pete the Cat: Play Ball and Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana.

Thursday-Butterflies: Kids came in and found their pouch and colored/decorated their bunny peep page. Anyone who didn’t get to share their Flat, got to share with their classmates today. Some activities we completed today were following directions for an Easter I Spy page, which students colored the item correctly and then counted the amount and documented that number. The students also followed step by step directions to draw their own butterflies. The classes also got to enjoy some extra big room time at the end of the day.

REMINDERS: Graduation pictures are on Monday, April 10th and also our Easter parties which are happening in the classrooms and parent helpers are not needed.

Have a great weekend and hope we are starting to see some nicer weather for the kids to get outside more! ????