This week went by fast and I’m sure the next two will fly by! We were busy working on some gifts for our parents and doing some fun letter Cc activities.

Monday: C is for Cross/Wear Blue – Students started their day with a Christmas pattern page. We completed a blue worksheet with practice writing the word blue and coloring items that are blue. The students also colored crosses based on what color was written on the cross (I had my sample on the board for them to follow). We crafted some today also! The books today were If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and the letter Cc Alphatales story.

Tuesday: Christmas Cookie Craze – Classes came in and colored a Cookie Time page. We worked hard on some more gifts for moms and dads! Things take a day or two to complete while waiting for things to dry. While waiting for their turn to come with me to work on a gift, students colored and cut out their five cookies and glued them onto their plates. The books I read today were The Christmas Cookie Thief and Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar.

Wednesday: Camo for Christ – The kids came in today and completed their Zoophonics Catina the Cat for letter Cc. Once again worked on some gifts for moms and dads, we are almost completed with them all! Students were given a camouflage dog tag necklace today to go with their camo clothes. Students completed a cut and paste cross activity where they had to match the letters to spell out, I LOVE YOU. The books today were Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and It’s Christmas, David!

Thursday: Candy Cane Lane – The kids start up activity was finding all the letter Ccs in the scramble. Once we began, I started out candy cane experiment, which I placed a candy cane in each of the following: water, oil, vinegar, and coke. Students observed throughout the day to watch some of the candy canes disappear in the given liquid. At the end of the day, we documented what happened to each of the candy canes. Kids enjoyed watching them disappear! Today we also had a Christmas Play practice. We have a few more next week and then perform on the 19th! The book today was Pig the Elf.

I will be sending out a message towards the end of the week for donations for our last day of school movie snack! I plan on watching The Grinch (the newer cartoon one). This time of year is fun for the kids and myself also watching them get excited for Christmas!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on GroupMe.

Have a great weekend! See everyone back on Monday! ????