This week was filled with lots of fun things and the week started off with the kids Valentine Parties, which they had a great time! Thank you for all the donations and parent/grandparent helpers! We appreciate all the help!

Monday – Valentine’s Party: The kids came into class and looked at books before we started our party right at the start of class. The activities they got to do at the party were a heart hopscotch/balance beam/tunnel and balloons station, snowball throw/beanbag toss station, and the q-tip/straw dart station and lastly snack stop! After we finished the party we came back and completed our Ll item color page as review from last week and had two books. The books we read were The Night Before Valentine’s Day and The Biggest Valentine Ever.

Tuesday – ABC Vet Clinic: The class started up their day coloring a Valentine heart page. The centers we had were completing a cut/paste/color valentine pattern page, Vv practice writing page in QKs, rainbow writing their last name and finishing a half page I love…and drawing a picture to go with. We also made vet badges! The books we read were I Want To Be A Vet, Slugs in Love, and Click Clack Moo, I Love You!

Wednesday – Vibrant Veggies: Students came in to complete a page with a variety of vegetables on it. We constructed our Vincent the Vampire Bats for our Zoophonics activity. We also made a V with veggies on it by following directions and coloring the veggies certain colors. The book we read was Vegetables in Underwear.

Thursday – Vacation Day: Students started with practicing their first and last names in their QKs. We went through and shared with our classmates our favorite vacation memory or they shared and talked about the item that they brought in. We had a variety of places the class went and items that were shared. The kids always enjoy sharing things from the personal lives with the class. We also completed our lollipops we didn’t get to do last week! Lastly, they completed their February writing/coloring sample.

Next week we have some FUN days and activities planned! I will be sure to take some pictures and send them out on GroupMe!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Have a great weekend!!! 😊