We had lots of fun doing some Hh activities this week! A touch of some nice weather does not hurt also! I hope it continues so the kids can get outside for big room time!

Monday: Learning with Candy Hearts – Kids started their day with coloring and cutting four different size hearts. (I keep these shapes monthly for the end of the year) The centers we had today were sort/count/graph using Candy Hearts (we did not eat any!), heart letter matching A-I upper and lowercase, heart trace and color page, and lastly letter Hh item page to color. The kids were tempted to sneak a candy heart but did well resisting! The books today were Hugless Douglas, Harry and the Hot Lava, and our Alpha Tales story Hide-and-Seek Hippo.

Tuesday: Healthy Habits – We talked about some healthy habits we should be doing daily. We did not have any time for a book with us working hard on our centers and craft we did. Start up was practicing our first and last names in our QKs and also our letters and numbers on the backside. Centers today were completing a shape color/count/graph page, heart lettering matching J-R, practiced writing Hh’s in QKs and our letter Hh trace with beginning sounds. We also made our Zoophonics Honey the Horse.

Wednesday: Home Addresses – The classes today began with a house color page. We completed the end of our heart letter matching S-Z and worked on our address, along with phone number. We verbally worked on our addresses also. This is something that can be done daily at home. Repetition is key for little ones to remember! The book I read today was Hedgehugs. We also had Chapel today. The lesson was about God feeding the thousands with the little boy’s basket of bread and fish. The kids got a small piece of bread and a fish (goldfish) to go along with the story.

Thursday: Happy Hearts – The class came in and started with a heart collage color page. We made last name heart caterpillars today. The kids have been working hard on mastering their last names and we will continue with them but will start focusing on our phone numbers and addresses more. The books today were The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog and Hi Fly Guy!

Flashcards are great for letter and number recognition! Some of us are still struggling with these and I review them as much as I can at school and helping at home is crucial in retaining the information!

Have a good weekend! Our letter Dd week has some fun activities planned ahead for next week!