This week we had some fun with the letter Dd and all the centers, activities, and crafts we did!

Monday – Dental Health Day: Kids arrived and found their pouches with the first and last name QKs to practice. We had some good teeth centers today which were: cutting out a tooth and making it sparkly (glue with silver glitter!), cut/paste/color good and bad food choices for your teeth, roll & cover with a pom pom using large tweezers on the mouth/teeth print outs, completing a variety of teeth puzzles and lastly making a mouth model using mini marshmallows! Before we started centers as a class, we talked about good food for our teeth and bad food and marked them on large teeth hanging on the dry erase board. The book we read was I Know Why I Brush My Teeth.

Tuesday – Dialing Phone Numbers: Students started the day by cutting out and constructing their Deedee the Deer zoophonics letter. Students used my sample to independently finish theirs. After big room we had phone number centers planned which were: dialing their phone numbers on paper plates labeled on the classroom door, practiced writing their phone numbers from the sample, clipping their phone numbers out with clothespins labeled with numbers on each, and lastly coloring their cell phones and practice dialing their numbers. Each student has a laminated card with their phone number and address on it which we will use for some upcoming centers. The books read were Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers and There’s a Dragon inside this book.

Wednesday – Dinosaur Day #1: Students came in and began practicing their phone numbers in their name QKs. Centers we had today included completing a writing page with the prompt If I had a pet dinosaur…, and I Spy Dinosaur find and count, Aa-Zz Dinosaur letter match and dabbing D’s with a q-tip and paint. We also had Chapel today at the end of class which we sang some fun songs! The book we had time for today was How to Catch a Dinosaur.

Thursday – Dinosaur Day #2: The kids arrived finding a dinosaur color page. We had both classrooms being used for the two different groups. One classroom had students making dinosaur headbands and the other classroom was dinosaur hair. Both groups did great and enjoyed their final product! The headbands and hair were a hit throughout the building! The books read were Crunch Munch, Dinosaur Lunch! And How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pet?.

Next week we will start the letter Hh and have some fun days planned and we will get some Seuss activities in towards the end of the week with Dr. Seuss’ birthday being on Thursday!

Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great weekend! 😊