The letter we covered this week was Hh and we had lots of fun doing our centers and different activities each day! We got some crafts started and others got sent home.

Monday – Candy Hearts: Students began the week practicing their first and last names in their QKs upon arrival. Our centers included sorting and graphing our candy hearts (no we did not eat any!), tracing hearts and coloring them in, completed a color by number heart page that was already coded for them and lastly letter Hh writing/sound practice page. The book read was The Pigeon Who Finds a Hot Dog.

Tuesday – Hat day: We had lots of kids participate in our hat day! Some kept them on longer than others, which was fine. Students began working on their zoophonics Honey the Horse at start up. The kids cut and pasted the parts of the horse by following my sample on the board. The centers we worked on today were playing connect 4 hearts with a partner, practicing writing Hh’s in QKs, completing a letter Hh find and writing the total number on the back, and completing a kite number 15 page. Hugless Douglas was the book we read today.

Wednesday – Cat in the Hat day: The kids turned into little cats today! At start up, while students worked on their Seuss color, count, graph page, I was calling them up to get their handprints for another Seuss craft that will be coming home at a later day. The centers we completed today were coloring and cutting our Cat in the Hat parts/headbands, cutting out the pieces to complete our Seuss rhyming flipbook and lastly finishing the sentence and drawing a picture for If the Cat came to my house, I would…the students gave some good answers. The book read was The Cat in the Hat.

Thursday – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!: Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and he turned 119! The kids had a Happy Birthday color page to start their day. We read the book Green Eggs and Ham. The classes made their own Thing hats which turned out great and we completed a following directions color page with Truffula trees. I enjoy doing Seuss activities and we will continue doing more the rest of the month of March.

Next week we will begin the letter Uu and have some fun/funny activities planned and good books to read!

There are lots of illnesses going around, please be mindful of your child’s health and respectful that if they are ill, to keep them home. Spring break is approaching and I wouldn’t want kids to be sick if families are going out of town or just being sick all break at home. We appreciate it!

If you have any questions, please let me know. Grandparents day information went home this week as well as the March calendar. Be sure to watch for other fun days we have planned!