This week we covered the letter Ll and had some fun making some crafts and learning at our centers.

Monday – Letters to New Students: Today students started their day with an Ll letter page find. The centers we completed today included completing a roll, count, color page, filling in our lowercase letters on hearts (some were already filled in to help), used our mega tweezers and transported pom poms on Valentine mats. These mega tweezers are great for fine motor and strengthening their hands and fingers. We also wrote and drew a picture to the new upcoming ABC students with our favorite thing at school. The books read today were Llama llama Mad at Momma and Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.

Tuesday – Last Name: As the students came in they got to practice writing their first and LAST names in their QKs. Please practice their first and last names at home, also focus on the three finger grip as some get tired after a few times and use their fist or all five fingers together. Students cut out hearts for each letter of their last name and we created last name caterpillars. Students did well cutting and getting their last names written. The book read today was Liz Needs a Home.

Wednesday – Lucky Ladybugs: The students came in today and had a missing number ladybug color, cut, paste page to complete. The books read today were Little Critter-Just a Little Love and Chick and Pug: The Love Pug. We also created our own love bugs. These needed a day to dry and will be sent home Thursday.

Thursday – We Love ABC: Once students checked in, they began coloring and cutting out their Lizzie the Lizard pieces for our Zoophonics craft. We constructed these after big room. The kids also got to decorate their bags to house their Valentine’s/goodies they get from their classmates. The books read today were Love Splat and Pout Pout Fish Special Valentine. They also made a pizza valentine for parents.

We are getting better each day spelling our names aloud. I have been practicing this for a few weeks now and most don’t need to look and are doing it rather quickly! I will add in last names in a week or two and hope we can master them as fast as we have done our first names. I am doing this to help with letter recognition as well as getting the kids able to spell their first and soon last names without looking.

Our phone numbers are coming up in another week and I will start those and then continue to home addresses.

*Valentine Party Day is MONDAY, Feb. 13th! You all are invited to come in and help out at the party if you are able. We have some game stations and always could use the extra parent helpers! *We are wearing RED or PINK for our party on Monday also!

Mrs. Aimee morning class: 12 students

Mrs. Jenn morning class: 12 students

Mrs. Aimee afternoon class: 9 students

Morning Class Party: 9:15am-10am          Afternoon Class Party: 12:30pm-1:15pm

If you have any questions about the party or other, please contact me on GroupMe or

Have a great weekend everyone! ?