This week we had a lot going on and covered the letter Ii. Parent teacher conferences are coming up and we started getting our middle of the year evaluations. There are numerous things that we ask your child if they know or not so we can monitor their progress throughout the school year. We will be discussing those things at conferences.

Monday – Our theme today was Interesting Insects. The students started the day with a review page covering letter Ss from the previous week. We also had an uppercase I, which the students colored and 6 pictures of insects that they colored, cut, and glued onto the I page. They also had an insect pattern page that they completed on their own. I instructed them to color all the insects first to help with the patterns.

Tuesday – Today’s theme was Indoor Ice Skating which the kids enjoyed doing during big room time! They skated around on the new carpet while listening to some music! We completed our Inny the Inchworm zoophonics craft. The students also started the day with practicing their names in their QKs. The book read was The Very Itchy Bear.

Wednesday – Icy Cold Igloos was the theme for today. We read the book Curious George Build an Igloo. The students completed their January Writing/Coloring sample. Students practiced counting to the number 13 for our math activity page. Once completed with that we worked on the letter Ii search.

Thursday – Start up today was the theme for the day, Ice Cream! Students cut out their cone and ice cream scoops, which we later constructed, and they wrote a letter of their name on each scoop of ice cream. These are on display in the hallway! We completed a letter Ii item page by following the directions given for coloring each item. We also completed an Ii mini book. The book read today was an Elephant & Piggie book titled Should I Share my Ice Cream? Today I’m sure was the kid’s favorite day of the week with us having an ice cream treat!


With the end of January approaching we are going to start getting things ready and reach out for our Valentine’s party. Information will be coming home about that so be sure to check your child’s folder.

We are looking forward to parent teacher conferences next week and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask ahead of time or come to your appointment with them. Have a good weekend! Next week we will cover the letter Xx!