This week we covered Xx and had some fun themes planned. This is our 14th letter we have covered and we will be discussing students progress at parent teacher conferences.

Monday – Words with Xx in them: The students started their day practicing their names in QKs. I will be adding students’ last names to start practicing both first and last. Some students aren’t sure of what their last name is, ask your child at home and see if they know. Our centers included a number 14 activity page, practiced writing Xx’s in QKs, cut and paste x-words to match the word to picture, and lastly creating patterns and completing various patterns using connector cubes.

Tuesday – X is for X-ray: Students had an uppercase X waiting for them and 4 sample pictures of x-rays that they needed to cut out and paste onto the X. The book read was Jessica’s X-ray which included real pictures of x-rays so we discussed the ones we looked at and asked around if any student has had one done before. The students traced their hand and then created their own hand x-rays with q-tips. After we finished our x-rays, we rainbow wrote our Xx’s.

Wednesday – X marks the spot: Once students checked in they began a 13 activity page for startup. We created our Xavier the Fox zoophonics craft and practiced more the sound that X makes. We has a color code page that we followed to show where X marks the spot on the map. The books read were We’re going on a Treasure Hunt and Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map. Today we also had chapel at the end of the day. Our lesson was on Joseph. The kids got to help make a colorful coat for Joseph.

Thursday – Fox in Socks: There were some funky socks worn today which were fun to see and the kids enjoyed showing them off! The activities we completed today was a page that had 3 x words that the students need to cut and paste to complete the word with x, we colored and cut out our own sock for Fox and we lastly made our own unique melted shape snowmen. These will be displayed in the big room for a bit before they are sent home. The book read was Fox in Socks.

Things to review and work on at home: 3 finger grip when writing/coloring, cutting, letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition (0-20), and we will start next month working on phone numbers and our addresses. If you want specifics for your child, please let me know and we can give you some ideas. For letters and numbers, FLASHCARDS are a great help! Go through the letters and numbers before bed each night and it will definitely help out! Repetition is KEY!

Next week we will begin letter Ww and have Wednesday as wear black and white and Thursday is Wacky Hair day! I’m thinking some may just not get their hair done on Thursday and come with bed hair, which can be wacky! ?

Email, GroupMe or send in a note if you have any questions. Have a good weekend!