This week we covered the letter Xx and had our last week of numbers 13 and 14. We also finished reviewing the star shape. Next week we will dive into a new letter and have some fun activities planned for February, along with our Valentine’s party.

Monday: Fox in Sox – Students came into class to find their last names added to their QK name practice page. We will be working on these for a few days. We read the Xx Alpha tales story, X-Ray Fish wants a Xylophone. The classes also completed our Xavier the Fox Zoophonics animal. Lastly, the kids decorated their own socks that went along with our Fox in Socks book.

Tuesday: X-Rays – The classes started the day again with their last name practice in their QKs. I am having them get familiar with them before we start tackling them next week. Centers today included creating our own hand x-rays with Q-tips, Xx writing practice in QKs, Xx letter find and item color page and lastly rainbow writing Xx’s. The book we read today was Jessica’s X-Ray, in which we discussed the different types of x-rays in the book, and they got to see some actual pictures.

Wednesday: X marks the Spot – After the students checked in, they began working on a dot-to-dot of the letter X. This was a challenge for some students who were not able to recognize the letters and connect them in order. Centers were completing a color by number treasure map page, Q-tip paint dabbing a xylophone and cutting and pasting Xs to create three X words. We also read We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt and Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map.

Thursday: Groundhog’s Day predictions – Students came in and found their QKs with their first and last names to practice since next week we will be starting to work on mastering our last names. We made our groundhogs day predictions as well as completed ten frames according to the number provided by the groundhog. Students were able to enjoy a little extra big room time today. We played a few rounds of Kaboom with numbers and letters which the kids are really enjoying! They ask daily to play!

Remember, flashcards are GREAT for letter and number recognition, and they are easy to bring with you in the car or places you go. While you are waiting in line for drop off, you can be going through the flashcards together! ????

February calendars went home this week along with Valentine party information. If you have any questions, please reach out! Have a good weekend!