This week we had 2 fun days for kids to dress in black and white and have wacky hair on Thursday! We had lots of participation on the wearing black and white clothes and from the picture you could see that we definitely had some WACKY hair in class!

Monday – Winter Animals: Students started the day coloring and cutting out hearts. Our centers included completing winter/penguin ten frames using numbers 11-20 (this was a bit of a struggle for some not knowing the numbers 11-20, so we tried to continue working on it on Tues), practiced writing our Ww’s in QKs, created various letters with our connectors, and lastly drew our favorite animal inside our mitten which went along with the book we read The Mitten.

Tuesday – Winter Wonderland: We tried finishing up our ten frames from yesterday at start up today. Some got it complete and others did not, either way it went home for practice at home. We practiced more Ww writing in QKs with w words, found and colored all the Ww’s hidden the the boxes, colored and cut out lips (on display in the hallway currently) and lastly we had a mitten shape graphing page that was a bit of following directions and some independent work. The book read today was If I Were a Penguin.

Wednesday – Black and White day: The students came in and started on a Ww item color page. We started with a book about Groundhogs Day for tomorrow and told them about what Punxsutawney Phil will do. Each student made their own prediction if they think he will see his shadow or not! (Us teachers want him to not see his shadow-we want spring, so we don’t freeze at arrival and dismissal! 😊 LOL) They also completed making their zoophonics Willie the Weasel and we finished with finding the pictures that have the beginning sound of w. The book we ended with was Wally Does NOT Want a Haircut, which goes along with Thursday’s theme of wacky hair!

Thursday – Wacky Hair day: We had some very creative hairstyles today! We got some pictures and sent them out to the parents, thank you for participating! Students started the day by finding all the Ww’s in the letter find. We also cut and constructed watermelons for our Ww week. Lastly, we made some wacky hairstyles and then cut them out. This was a cutting activity to keep kids on the line. There were zigzag lines and also some curvy lines for them to follow and cut. The books read were Crazy Hair Day and A Wolf’s Tale.

Each day we review our letters we have covered and letter sounds by using our Zoophonics series. I am going to make a note to go home that shows which letters we have covered and upcoming as a preview. Please reinforce the letters, sounds, numbers 0-20, colors and shapes at home. We only have about 2 hours of work time and it goes by fast to get all the information we have planned into that short bit. Extra practice at home will help getting those skills mastered by the end of the year, which should be the ultimate goal.

Next week we will cover the letter Ll and have some fun activities and centers planned. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend everyone!