Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and made some new memories with family and friends! We got started this week getting right back into our routines and everyone is catching back on quickly, so that’s a positive! This month we will still cover a letter a week and our numbers will be 13 and 14, our shape the star, and colors black and white. This month we will start completing our middle-of-the-year evaluations.

Monday: 5 Senses – Students came in to find their QK names and practiced their names and the alphabet. Our centers today included focusing on their 3-finger grip transferring pom-poms with jumbo tweezers from bowl to bowl (the kids favorite now I think!), practice tracing and writing the numbers 13 and 14 and also representing them in a ten frame, Ss half page writing practice and lastly a cut and paste labeling the 5 senses. The book I read today was I hear a Pickle… (and taste, smell, see and touch it).

Tuesday: Start & Space – The kids came in and had a practice tracing star page and writing the word star. The centers we worked on today were rocket number order, filling in the missing lowercase letters on Alien Alphabet, Ss maze and a dot-to-dot star page, and transferring pom-poms again using a different type of tweezers from yesterday. The books today were Pete the Cat: Out of this World, How to Catch a Star, and There Was an old Astronaut that Swallowed the Moon.

Wednesday: S is for Snowman – Classes came in today and found their pouch with a large star to color/decorate and cut out, these we will display in the hallway for a bit. The activities we did today included completing a sequencing of how to build a snowman (there was no help in this activity, I wanted them to do it on their own. We did go over it after everyone was completed.), created our own snowmen and named them and lastly colored, cut, and glued our own snowman that came home. The books today were Little Critter-Makes a Snowman, How to Catch a Snowman, and There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed some snow.

Thursday: Sports Day – Students came in today and had 4 stars to color and cut out for our monthly sample. We created our Sammy the Snake zoophonics animal as well as did a sports activity. The students browsed the classroom to find 10 sports balls posted around the room. The names of each were listed on the card and the students had to write them down and match each ball. This activity is called Write the Room and the students enjoyed moving about and working independently! The books today were Peppa Goes Swimming, Peppa Plays Soccer and Fruits in Suits. We also did more of our middle-of-the-year evaluations.

Parents teacher conferences are approaching, if you have not filled out the form that was sent home, please do so, so I know who cannot attend and can reach out and make other arrangements.

If you need ideas of things to work on with your child at home, please message me on Group Me…I will also be suggesting some ideas at conferences.

Have a good weekend, stay warm!!!