The new carpet at school looks great! I hope everyone enjoyed doing the e-learning activities for Monday and Tuesday while we got the school put back together. IF there should be any bad weather or other issues that we would be closed for school, that would be how we would have class on Google classroom. If you weren’t able to log in and check it out, try and do that so you are familiar with it IF we would need it again.

Monday – E-learning day and we had S is for Snowman was our topic.

Tuesday – E-learning day and we had our 5 Senses as our topic.

Wednesday – The students started their day off making their Sammy the Snake for their zoophonics book. Our 4 centers all were our theme for the day which was Stars and Space. Those activities included rocket number order, space patterns, tracing stars and the word star, and lastly alien alphabet which was filling in the missing letter of the alphabet in the alien ships in QKs. The book read was There’s No Place like Space.

Thursday – Our theme today was Sports day! There were lots of different teams represented in the classes. Sadly, I was the only one representing Indiana University! (Their men’s bball team is struggling right now and hope to turn that around! LOL) We had our centers all sports themed, and they were all items that remained in the class, so nothing was sent home today. They started the day off doing a sequencing activity with a snowman and putting the pieces in the correct order. Our centers included putting numbers in order with cards, counting the different sports balls on various cards and writing the number, pattern cards with sports items, and lastly doing an I Spy activity that was sports related. The book read was Peppa Plays Soccer. A picture of the classes was sent out in Group Me if you checked that!

Next week we will begin covering the letter Ii and have a fun ice cream treat the kids will have on Thursday. Be sure to check the calendar for other fun dress up days we have coming up in the next few weeks.

Parent teacher conference forms will be going home soon and also registration information for next year also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on GroupMe or send me an email at

Have a great weekend! ?