Hello! Here’s a sneak peak into our week.

Mon/Tuesday we worked on the letter W. We read The Watermelon Seed and used watercolor paints on a winter mitten.

In our centers we colored our W ABC page, used eyedroppers with water, practiced cutting a W, Winter patterns, and worked on shapes, sorted colored bears.

    On Wed/Thursday we worked on the number 5. We read 5 Little Penguins Sledding Down a Hill, we painted our 5 fingers.

   In our centers we used stickers to count to 5, made a 5 cube tower with unifix cubes, matched shapes, matched capital and lower case letters, made 5 balls out of play doh.

Mid year progress reports went home this week. If you have any questions feel free to text or email me! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina