These week we made some fun crafts and worked on the letter Gg!

Monday-Wear Gray & Gorilla day: Students came in and began prepping their pieces for constructing their Gordo the Gorilla for zoophonics. Students cut out their pieces and looked at my sample to glue the body parts correctly. Our centers included practicing writing our letter Gg in QKs, coloring the pictures that began with the Gg sound, completed our March Writing/Coloring sample and lastly did a number 17 practice writing page. The books read today were Still a Gorilla and How to Get a Gorilla Out of You Bathtub. The kids may have come home and checked their bathtubs! We had lots of students wearing Gray today!!

Tuesday-Gumballs for All: We did not eat any gumballs, the kids were a bit sad when I told them this, but our centers included gumball activities on paper/cards. Students started the day with the address and phone number QKs. The centers today were practicing tracing our diamonds/rhombuses in QKs, matched the gumball machine number to the correct number of gumballs in ten frames, practiced writing our last names-tracing first then practice independently on the back, and lastly followed directions by coloring the correct letter on the gumballs (we only had time for uppercase letters, lowercase will be completed next week). Books today were Giggle Giggle Quack and Click Clack Good Night.

Wednesday-Goofy Giraffes: The kids came in and finished their Gg item color page. We created some very creative and unique giraffes (these will go home at the end of the year). I had some parts premade that they just had to cut out and others they had to make on their own. The variety is always great and they definitely were goofy! The books read were Giraffes Can’t Dance and There’s a Giraffe in my Soup! Today we had Chapel and we were practicing hard our songs we are performing for our grandparents next week. Please check the schedule for the day and time!

Thursday-Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day: The class found their pouch with a shamrock color page to get started. The books today were There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover and Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase. We constructed our own rainbows and pots of gold and also our leprechaun masks! Check Group Me for the pictures, we will be sending those out for you all to see!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and have a good weekend! Next week is our last week of school before we have Spring Break! Grandparents day is also on Wednesday, please check the calendar for your time and more information.

Next week we will cover letter Ee and after that we only have 4 more left! That means we are nearing the end of school already! Time will fly after Spring Break!

If you have any questions, please let us know. Email or message on GroupMe!