Week one of March is under our belts and we had some fun with Seuss activities and some other Gg things!

Monday: Celebrating Seuss’ Birthday – Students came into a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday Page. We were busy completing our centers today including a Cat in the Hat rhyming flip book, What if Cat in the Hat came to my house…creative writing page, coloring the Truffula tree tops the correct color and completing a Dr. Seuss puzzle. We also finished our Lorax handprint craft. The books today were The Cat in the Hat and our Alpha Tale story Gorilla, Be Good!

Tuesday: Gumballs – Students all had different Dr. Seuss characters as their start up coloring page. We completed our Zoophonics animal Gordo the Gorilla, our February writing/coloring sample, and lastly a letter recognition scrambled up in a gumball machine. On the backside of the gumball page, students colored in the gumballs for the letters in their name. The book today was One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

Wednesday: Goofy Giraffes – The classes started their day with a letter Gg item color page. We made some pretty goofy giraffes! I sent a picture of their work in GroupMe if you checked it out. We also completed step one on Oh the Places I’ll Go cloud. There were different things they had to answer and fill in the blank. The books today were Giraffes Can’t Dance, There’s a Giraffe in my Soup, and Wacky Wednesday.

Thursday: Green Eggs and Ham – We started the day with a 2-sided letter Gg page, one side was finding the letter Ggs and the other was practice tracing and coloring the Gg items. Books today were Green Eggs and Ham, Still a Gorilla, and There’s a Gorilla in my Bathtub. We finished our clouds we were working on yesterday and completed a page that they drew their favorite thing to eat and what their eggs and ham would look like. Lastly, they all got to sample, if they chose to try, green eggs and ham. Some did and gobbled it right up, and others turned their nose and did not touch it! I grabbed some pictures, and you will see those at graduation! ????


Two more weeks until Spring Break and we got some more fun things planned. Grandparents’ day is approaching, and we are working on some fun things for that day. Next week we will tackle the letter Uu and have another Chapel story on Wednesday.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Group Me is the best and fastest or you can email me! Enjoy the weekend!