We had some fun day with the letter Uu this week. There were lots of laughs and giggles with some stories we read!

Monday: Underwater Adventures – Students came in and had their address and phone numbers in their QKs to practice writing. The book read was There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell. Our centers for today were: color/cut diamonds (rhombus), practice Uu writing page in QKs, practiced cutting waves (also scallops like on an umbrella), and lastly the kids favorite probably because a snack was involved was sorting and then graphing their colored goldfish. After they finished their goldfish center, they got to eat their fish!

Tuesday: U is for Umbrella – Students used my sample on the board to help them cut and construct their zoophonics Umber the Umbrellabird. Some of the pieces were very involved and there were only a few minor surgeries needed. Our cutting skills have improved greatly from the beginning of the year! Our centers today were color/cut an umbrella, colored pictures with the beginning Uu sound, colored umbrella parts that we will cut and construct later, and lastly making diamonds/rhombuses and/or Uu’s on the geoboards. The book we read today was a carry over from Monday, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

Wednesday: Unicorns are Unique – Start up today was practicing our first and last names in our QKs. The centers we had today included letter Uu practice writing, U is for Unicorn trace and color page, unicorn number mats with counters, and lastly rainbow and unicorn uppercase and lowercase letter match. I brought in some unicorn books from home which were a big hit, they were: Unicorn Day!, How to Catch a Unicorn, Unicorns are the Worst, and the one that got the most giggles was Fairy the Farting Unicorn.

Thursday: Underpants Wonderpants – The class came in today and cut out and constructed their umbrellas from the previous day. We read some good underwear books that kept the kids attention! We had Bear in Underwear, Underpants Wonderpants, and Aliens Love Underpants! There were giggles and some concerned faces talking about underwear! We designed our own pair of underwear that are on display in the hallway outside our classrooms. These will be coming home soon for you all to see their designs. The kids enjoyed a little extra big room time today.

Next week we will begin the letter Gg and have some good days ahead. Monday is wear Gray and Thursday is wear Green, so look through the closet for some gray and green for next week!

If there are any questions, please email or message me on Group Me. Have a good weekend! See everyone back on Monday! ????