It’s our final month together and we are to the point where we are reviewing everything, we have learned this year! We did letters this week and next and then end with numbers and shapes and some fun our last week!

Monday: September Aa/Mm – The kids came into class and found their pouches with a review Qq page from last week to complete. There were a few things we completed today: Aa/Mm review page with writing letters and coloring pictures that began with the Aa and Mm sound, students counted and colored the correct numbers of flowers given, and we got our handprints for our graduation hats! We also began getting end of the year evaluation information from the kids.

Tuesday: October Ff/Oo/Pp/Rr – Students came into class today and completed a beginning sound page of farm animals. They colored the animals and then cut and pasted the correct letter to match the beginning sound. We also completed our end of the year farm following directions activity and our final May name and coloring sample. We also prepped a cutting activity we completed Wednesday. There were also more end-of-the-year evaluations happening as we are trying to get these finished up as soon as possible.

Wednesday: November Nn/Tt/Zz – Today students came in and completed a May Seuss coloring page. We did evaluations throughout the day when we had any extra time. The students completed an Nn/Tt writing and beginning sound picture page and also a zoo animal pattern page. Students also cut out their wiggly hair pictures that they colored on Tuesday.

Thursday: December Cc/Jj – The class started the day with a review Cc and Jj page. They needed to locate the Cs and Js throughout the scramble of letters. After big room, students came back to class, and we made a name flowerpot. Students wrote their name and letters on the flowerpot and flowers and then colored it all. After everything was colored, students cut and pasted their pieces to mimic my sample on the board. Once we completed our name flowerpots, we had some extra big room time, and we did our best to finish up as much as possible of our evaluations. I think we will be done with it all at the beginning of next week.

Next week we will have our first graduation practice and then one more the following week and then it will be showtime! We also have had our butterflies start to hatch and will be releasing those at the beginning of the week. Students have been curious and excited about the little class pets we have had the last week or so.

Let me know if you have any questions these last few weeks. Final graduation information will be coming home soon since all the paperwork was due on Thursday.

I’m glad the weather looks like we may get some decent days ahead of us so that the kids will be able to get outside to get the last wiggles out. Have a good weekend everyone! ????