HoLy CoW! Only one more week together and then graduation day!!! After spring break the school year always seems to fly by! We had a good week reviewing a lot of our letters again.

Monday: Ss, Ii, Xx, Ww review/January – Today we finished up our end of the year evaluations!!! HOORAY! It takes time to go through each child and they did well being patient until it was their time to shine. While students were finishing up the last items we needed they completed letter review pages.

Tuesday: Dd, Hh, Ll, Vv/February – Our start up today was completing our popsicles. Some classes got a start on them on Monday and others did them all today. Our centers included transporting pom-poms with our mega tweezers, an upper/lowercase heart letter match, geoboards creating shapes, and practicing writing our February letters on dry erase boards. I also read some poems from the book Giant Children.

Wednesday: Gg, Uu, Ee/March – Today was our first graduation practice with Mrs. Trish. (We will have more of these next week) At start up today, we completed a Gg, Uu, Ee practice writing page. The centers today were writing the lowercase letter to match the uppercase given, writing the uppercase letter to match the lowercase given, completed a flower letter match and lastly figured out the beginning letter sounds for a picture chart. Students did well with the beginning letter sound chart by using their zoophonics to help them solve some that were tricky for them.

Thursday: Bb, Yy, Qq, Kk/April – We had another graduation practice with Mrs. Trish. Our start up was a picture for our moms for Sunday. Most finished but a few may need to finish a bit. Our day was split between graduation practice and completing a page for mom. We also did a last day a school page that I will use next week when we get their last day of school photo!

Crazy to think our last week together begins on Monday…. a few things about next week:

  • We will be sending home their spare clothes on Thursday, if for some reason they are absent, they will get them at graduation!
  • Our movie day is going to be changed from Wednesday to TUESDAY! I will send a GroupMe message to remind parents to send in a water if they would like for a drink with their popcorn.
  • Information regarding graduation seating will be coming home this coming week so please check folders!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms!!! ????