Hello! We had a great week learning about letters Z and T this week!

Mon/Tues we focused on the letter Z. We marble rolled a letter Z with black to make a zebra print. We listened to the story Class Two at the Zoo.

In our centers we did our Z ABC page, lined up cars on the Letter Z, practiced zipping up a sweatshirt, letter Z find quick kit, and counted stacks of 3 Legos.

Wed/Thursday we worked on letter T. We made hand turkeys and listened to 10 Turkeys in the road.

In our centers we Colored our T ABC page, play doh on the Letter T, practiced cutting lines, #3 worksheet, Turkey Feather letter match.

Next week we have our Thanksgiving Parties! We are looking forward to having fun!! See you then! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina