The kids had a busy week with lots of activities happening each day! We covered the letter Nn.

Monday – We were packing our shoeboxes today for Operation Christmas Child. We were able to pack 20 boy and 20 girl boxes between the morning and afternoon classes! The children were involved in the packing process, and we talked about where they could be traveling to and also our chapel last week, they watched a video talking about our mission. We prayed over the boxes and hope they bring smiles and show our love for these kids! The kids also colored their wild turkeys that we posted on Group Me and are on display in the hallway for another week and then will be sent home to be proudly displayed on your fridge! We read The Napping House today.

Tuesday – Numbers were our focus today and the kids really need extra work on this. Rote counting is one thing but being able to recognize numbers is another that we noticed we really need to work on. Our centers did include completing the missing numbers in QK, writing the numbers and rainbow write, cut/paste/color number match and lastly played number Bingo.  The book read was The Ninjabread Man.

Wednesday – We created our Nigel the Night owl for our Zoophonics alphabet. After we completed our night owls, the kids were excited to make their noodle necklaces! Students were excited to make these and get to wear them home. Fine motor activities like stringing beads/noodles are great for hand eye coordination and focusing on the three-finger grip. After we did all our fun things, we completed our November writing/coloring sample.  The books read were Not a Box and I Want That Nut.

Thursday – Names, names, names! We did all name activities today. Practicing writing their names each day will improve their grip, fine motor, and penmanship! Encourage them to practice at home. We had a name puzzle (bright orange paper) that we cut out and tried recreating the strip after cutting. We also had a page that we counted the letters in our name and completed activities, and lastly each child had a large uppercase letter on their page that their name starts with along with a line at the bottom for them to write in the best handwriting. I will do this page again at the end of year and compare writing and coloring!


Next week we will work on the letter Tt and have some Thanksgiving crafts and activities planned. Thursday is a wear brown day and bring in something that they are thankful for to share with their classmates. Messages were sent out about helping at our Thanksgiving party and donating items, if you did not get a message and want to help or donate, please let me know.

Have a good weekend and email or message on Group Me if you have any questions.