Hello! We had a fun week! It was busy with many different projects but we had fun! We are at a point in the year where the kids are used to the routines and are comfortable with their classmates! This is where the friendships begin!

On Monday/Tuesday we wore brown and counted to number 3! We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and we practiced writing our name.
In our centers we sorted erasers in stacks of 3, found the #3 on a quick kit, practiced cutting brown paper, used stickers to count to 3, sorted and matched color magnets.

On Wed/Thursday we had chapel and learned the story of Jesus’ birth. We also did a manger craft.

In our centers we made winter patterns, used playdoh scissors with playdoh, sorted squares and rectangles, made a Fanta board house, and did puzzles.

I hope to see a lot of my kids Friday night at Kids Only Night! We always have a lot of fun! My youngest son comes to help and gets to meet a lot of the kids!

I have gotten a lot of ornaments already for our class tree! We will start decorating next week! If you haven’t brought one in, it’s not too late! I love to see the final product with an ornament from every child!

Have a great weekend! See you soon!

Mrs. Kristina