This week we covered the letter Oo and had our Harvest/Halloween Party! The kids had fun at the party and got lots of treats!


Monday: Party day!!! Thank you for all the donations and volunteering to help at the party. Our next one will be coming up near Thanksgiving.

Tuesday: O is for Octopus – Students began the day with an octopus coloring page. We created our Olive the Octopus for zoophonics and completed our number six activity page. The books read were Tickly Octopus and Otter: The Best Job Ever.

Wednesday: Outside Owls – We started the day practicing our names in our QKs. The students created their own owls by cutting and tearing paper. Tearing paper was a new fine motor activity that students worked on to create feathers for their owls. We also used cupcake liners to make the owl’s eyes. Lastly, we finished a letter Oo sound page and reviewed letters that began with Oo. The books we had today were Little Owl’s Day and Little Owl’s Night.

Thursday: Opposite Day – There were quite a few kids who wore clothes backwards or inside out today! The classes started their day by completing an owl pattern page. We reviewed what the opposites were and went through a bunch of them. Quiz your child and see if they can tell you a few! We also finished our October writing and coloring sample. The books today were Who Will Haunt my House this Halloween Night? and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.


Next week we have some fun activities planned and if you have any questions, please reach out via email or private message me on GroupMe. Have a nice weekend!!