Monday – We started the week of with our Harvest/Halloween Party which the kids enjoyed getting dressed up in their costumes, playing games, having a cookie treat and lastly trick or treating! The book read today was There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost. Students came in and reviewed the letter Pp from last week.

Tuesday – An octopus color page is what the students had at start up. We had our zoophonics animal we made, which was Olive the Octopus. Once we completed all the cutting and pasting for Olive we created ourselves as mummies. I had taken their picture and we had them already glued onto a black body cut out which the kids then pasted white strips to make themselves mummies. They turned out nice. Two books were read today, Happy Halloween Little Critter! And There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.

Wednesday – The students came in with a letter O letter search page to complete. We created some awesome owls using lots of different fine motor skills. We added not just cutting parts of the owl, but also tearing paper to use as their feathers. Tearing paper is an easy fine motor skill that can be done at home also, using scrap mail or paper. We focused on the students only using the pincher grasp (first finger and thumb) to tear the paper. The books today included Please Try To Remember The First of Octember (a Dr. Seuss book) and I Say Ooh You Say Ahh, which is a fun interactive book which we may try again sometime throughout the year.

Thursday – Students came in with lots of opposite/backwards/inside out clothes! We didn’t have any accidents with some pants being on backwards, so that was a win! Opposites are something the students struggle with across the board. We had two centers focused on these, matching opposites with candy corn cut outs and matching cards and then completing a cut/paste/color opposite page. Students also completed a letter Oo page with different items that begin with the letter Oo and an Oo writing practice page. The students started the day off completing an owl pattern page that we didn’t have time to complete on Wednesday. The book I read today was The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Next week we will begin working with the letter Zz and have some fun things planned for the month of November.

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Have a good weekend, see everyone next week!